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E-4 Evantage Tape Dispenser

E-4 Evantage Tape Dispenser

SKU: E-4

E-4 Evantage handles tapes from 1.5" - 3" wide and dispenses from 6" to 45" with the press of the front mounted tactile keypad. Delivers water activated tape ready to stick and close your cartons with ease. Water activated tape creates a seal that is reliable against tampering or theft.  Seal in any environment; extreme cold, humidity or dust.   


The E-4 Evantage feeds, moistens and cuts tape to the desired measurement for your box reducing labor and maximizing efficiency. Comes equipped with a level 3 brush moistening system that when combined with the top heater gives the best seal in the industry.

  • Built in the USA
  • Program custom lengths
  • Optional Evolution printer add-on
  • Optional Handheld sensor integration
  • Photo eye for hands free  tape dispensing 
  • 1 touch custom preset lengths
  • Front-mounted keypad
  • Self oiling cutter blades
  • Thermostat controllable heater
  • Uniform three brush moistening system
  • Utility top cover for knives, markers, hand stampers, etc.