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PPS-7 Dual Lane Weigh/Fill Scale

PPS-7 Dual Lane Weigh/Fill Scale


The model PPS-7 Dual Lane Weigh Filler share many of the same basic characteristics of the PPS-4. A very accurate and easy to use Logical Controller II allows for three different modes of operation. In simultaneous dump the machine fills both weigh hoppers at the same time, allowing for twice as much product flow than our PPS-4. In individual dump the machine dumps whichever weigh hopper is at weight. This gives twice the speed of our PPS-4 machine. Finally the Model PPS-7 can mix products with the optional divided supply hopper. The PPS-7 Dual Logical Controller II system can be set to weigh two completely different products at different weights to easily mix products into one container.

  • Two lanes for twice the speed 
  • Self-adjusting Controller 
  • Reads out to 1 gram or .001 lb 
  • Controller range up to 10 lbs. per lane 
  • Supply Hopper capacity 5.1 cu. ft. (equivalent to 7 five-gallon pails). 
  • Includes powder-coated chassis (stainless stee