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About BPX Solutions

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BPX Solutions LLC (formerly Excel Packaging) is a leading packaging equipment supplier offering a wide range of industrial equipment solutions. We specialize in providing sealing machines, heat shrink tunnels, flow wrappers, pallet wrappers, shrink film, parts, and outstanding service to our customers.

We sell to all types of industries. This type of equipment is used in many different types of organizations from bakeries to printing companies to any company that manufactures a product and has to package it in some form. We also supply the packaging materials that run on these machines such as the shrink films. We stand behind our products with some of the best warranties in the industry and we service what we sell.

Consulting services are available if you are deciding to install a new packaging line or evaluating products to help you determine what is the correct piece of equipment for your application. We also provide consulting for maintenance, repair and training on every piece of equipment. 

Meet our Team

Matthew Lim


Phoenix Lo

Financial Analyst

Omar Flores


Michael Mann

Director of Sales

Jasmine Calderon

Customer Service

Jason McCormack

Warehouse Associate

Rachel Waters

Parts Manager

Grace Gomez

Customer Service

William Wilson

Warehouse Associate

Tom Zamiska

BPX Product Specialist

Vic Abrahamian


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