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Foot Sealer w/ Sliding Cutter

Foot Sealer w/ Sliding Cutter


Features a sliding cutter and U-shaped sealing bar – an ideal sealer for poly tubing.  The sealers are available in 18” and 24”  with 3mm seal width.  Equipped with a rectangular steel frame stand.


Foot operated sealers are ideal for high volume poly bag and other thermoplastic sealing.  This sealer is capable of sealing 15-20 bags per minute.  A foot sealer allows the user to keep both hands free for quicker and more accurate sealing.  The sealer is also equipped with a plug-in timer.  The timer controls the sealing time needed for different materials.  Once the timer is set, the sealer will provide a consistently flat seal.


Easy to operate.  Set the timer.  Insert the bag between the sealing bars, press down on the foot board and release after the timer light turns off.  For a better seal, hold the pedal down for an extra 2 seconds after the timer light goes off.