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PP-981 (High Profile) Pallet Wrapper

PP-981 (High Profile) Pallet Wrapper

SKU: PP-981-HP

The Preferred Pack model PP-981HP (High Profile = turntable only - no ramp) Semi-Sutomatic Pallet Wrapper includes a soft start turntable motor and photo eye. Loads with forklift only.


Simply press the start button on the front control panel and the machine will do the rest. Features mechanical brake stretch for added film yields, soft start motor for unstable pallet loads and photo eye to automatically seek the pallet height.


Available Models:

PP-981HP = Painted Frame Turntable

PP-981HP-SS = Stainless Steel Frame

PP-981HP-Scale = Built-in weight scale with 6 Load cells, LED weight indicator up to 5,000 lbs