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SFE-800AU MLBI Poly Bundling Multi Lane Bottling Line

SFE-800AU MLBI Poly Bundling Multi Lane Bottling Line


“Preferred Pack” Model SFE- 800AU-MLBI (Multi-Lane Bottling Infeed) Fully Automatic Right (or Left) Angle Infeed Poly Bundler with an Integrated Shrink Tunnel.  Seal size of 29.5” Wide x 16” H. 


As product travels down the multi-lane right angle infeed conveyor a photo eye senses the bottles as the line up in their respective lanes, once the second photo eye is activated signaling the lanes are filled by the bottles the bottle stopper moves out allowing the 12, 24 or 36 bottles (other configurations are available) to move into the staging area where the pusher advances the bottles at a 90 degree angle past the cross seal bar, once the pusher is retracted the seal bar is activated to seal the product then automatically advances product into attached shrink tunnel.


Fully automatic, multi-lane poly bundler for wrapping cans or bottles. Includes a 2.5 meter infeed designed to separate the bottles and lane them into the proper configurations for a 12, 24 or 36 pack in a single push without a tray or corrugated support.