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Poly Sleeve Wrappers (no tunnel)

Poly Sleeve Wrappers (no tunnel)


Poly Sleeve Wrappers are sold seperately without a shrink tunnel in 3 different model types.


  • SA Series are semi automatic, push button machines
  • NF Series are inline automatic machines which feature a powered infeed conveyor
  • AU Series which are automatic machines with right or left angle infeed conveyors which are typically used for running multipack packages of 3, 6, 9, or 12 packs.


Operator loads the product from the side placing it into the center of the pusher arm. The operator then pushes the green start switch and the pusher arm automatically advances the package into and past the seal bar were the product is wrapped in plastic. Once the pusher arm has retracted the seal bar comes down to seal the film. This dual roll system (one roll at the top and one roll at the bottom) fully encapsulates the package. The product is now setting on a stainless steel discharge plate and as the next product is pushed through the seal area the pusher will automatically push the product setting on the discharge tray away from the machine (Usually into a shrink tunnel) then the conveyor of the shrink tunnel  advances the package automatically into the shrink tunnel to be shrunk.